We offer our workshops for young groups between the age of 10-18. Main objective is to think about the most important environmental and social challenges and show other living alternatives. The groups are interactive and learning by playing, the group leaders are young professionals working at various NGOs bringing their own personal experiences to the workshops.

THIS IS HOW WE LIVE – An overview of the environmental crisis, overpopulation, consuming society and the links between them. We imagine through a game that the class is the whole population of the world. How do we live? What are the different ways of life? Which is more attractive? We get acquainted with the definition of ecological footprint and we get to know what measures the Happy Planet Index?


TRENDY STUFF? – We explore the story of our daily objects around us. Who and how our trendy jeans were made? What will happen to those gadgets, stuff that we do not need anymore? We are talking about social and environmental impacts of shopping. As an art-work we create new objects from waste, such as cans become vallet.


OUR FOOD – What we eat has an effect on our health, nature, and the farmer’s life. With the help of some demonstrative pictures we explore-who eats what in the world? How can we get local, non-chemical, ethical food? s it possible to buy products from satisfied local farmer? Visitors coming to our education center are offered with small tasters.



At the spring of 2009 we first held courses for young people between the age 18-26. The 3 day course with a school practice became a great success. Since then the group leader has been our active partner in social and ecological programs at the Mirror to the World Exhibition.


We have been organising courses for teachers and other professionals working together with young people. At the afternoon sessions they gather some inspiration for their daily work and get creative ideas how to deal with global environmental and social topics. We take on the demonstration and simulation of the Mirror to the World game collection.



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Offered to: family-days, school and company events, team-building trainings, fairs as a joint program for the smallest to the biggest boys and girls

Playful learning about recycling, conscious shopping and composting. Thematic games for children and adults. waste-lottery, questionnaire, consultancy, ability games. Active program for 20 people in the same time. 2 animator and 1 professional assistant is required.



Offered to: young and older ones and their families. Creative work done in community that come around the topic of recycling thematically. Participants do art-work such as booklets, valets, games, jewellery from waste. Active program for 10-12 people in the same time.  

Wood-carver workshop – with the leading of Krisztián Eőry wood-carver

We offer the joy of creative work for children and adults. Everybody can challenge its creativity, manual skills with some simple tool of Grandpa. All the visitors can do its own wood-carving, gifts like doll furniture, plates, fish-plate, name card 4-5 people can work in the same time- 

FREESHOP REPAIR SHOP – with the leading of graphic artist, Eszter Ágnes Szabó

Let’s make handbags, valets, or other accessories from posters. Repair what run-down! Creative tinkering to give new life to our daily objects. For 4-5 people in the same time.



Our professionals make presentations in waste management and environmental education.

Topics: Waste minimising, prevention, recycling, environment conscious living, conscious consuming, composting, sustainable development, With positive examples we show how we can realise the theoretical objectives in our daily life.


"REDNECK WELLNESS" – in the name of volunteering

Offered to:  young people, students, and anybody else who intend to some good for a better future of Hungarian countryside.

Physical work, farming is great way to get relaxed from daily brain-fag and experience the joy when we help someone. Farming-wellness gives us an opportunity to try us out in the countryside. Visitors get a first impression of village life, get familiar with the Gömörszőlős Package, the main steps of sustainable development, working in a biodynamic garden, animal handling, harvesting and processing. We show the daily work of the visitor center too.



Offered to : environmental conscious events, exhibitions where this snack bar can demonstrate live example of alternative living Ecological coffee and tea, fair trade chocolate in many variety, salty snacks from controlled ecological sources.